String of Pearls or Senecio Rowleyanus is the perfect houseplant which grows nicely indoors with moderate light and can grow many feet in length. Its long stems are lined with pearl shaped leaves and it will treat you with some of the most fragrant cinnamon-clove smelling flowers numerous times each year!

Ideally, succulents prefer 2-5 hours of direct or filtered morning sunlight with bright indirect sunlight throughout the day to maintain their compact rosettes and vivid colors. They will not survive a hard frost, but can be brought indoors to grow near a window sill receiving bright sunlight or under a grow light.

This succulent will require well-draining soil, good airflow, and infrequent watering. Our plants are shipped bare-root so please prepare a pot, ideally with drainage holes, and fill with a well-draining cactus and succulent soil.


Please give your plants a thorough watering and allow to adjust for 2-3 days in some indirect sunlight before gradually transitioning them to increasing hours of direct sunlight. Please wait until the soil has completely dried through before watering again. Succulents maintain water in their leaves so when in doubt, wait until you are certain the soil is dry before watering again.