Rooting Imported Succulents

Imported plants will be shipped to you without roots. Plant in a cactus/succulent soil mix in a pot with good drainage. Do not water until the plant resists you picking it up which will signify that it has grown roots. This can take a week or several weeks. Protect the plant from extreme heat and sunlight during this time.

Rooting Tips- (Just personal experience)

A rooting hormone purchased at any garden supply store can accelerate the rate of root growth. Apply it to the stem before planting In soil. Follow manufacturer directions.

Also, once watering begins, a "quick start" fertilizer added to the water will ensure that your plant is getting the nutrition to build healthy roots. This fertilizer will be high in Potassium which is important for plant growth at this stage. Please research quick start fertilizer and follow manufacturer directions for application.

If your plant looks dehydrated, and you would like to try water rooting, you can find videos and information through a little research online. Water rooting will plump up and rehydrate your plant before planting. Once the leaves plump up I personally prefer to switch to soil where it can begin to create new roots that are suitable for a permanent life in soil.

I personally do not recommend water rooting Agavoides. They just seem to rot for me.

All in all, succulents are very clever and will root without using any of the additional rooting tips provided above. These are just additional tips to accelerate and support growth.

So rest assured that your plant will thrive and grow happily with proper growing conditions and watering without any additional interference. 



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